Valido Research

Your source for online market research.

Valido-research is an area of ​​Valido GmbH and has a full-service market research institute with over 500,000 panelists in Germany one of the largest German online panels and further across Europe. We work in accordance with the ICC / ESOMAR guidelines and raise our data exclusively online. This enables our customers to raise significantly larger samples cost.

Online panel

With about 500,000 panelists valido-research is one of the leading online panel providers in Germany. With access to 50 million private addresses in Germany and more than 2 million e-mail addresses with permission, Valido-Research offers its customers the particular advantage of being able to bring very specific target groups to the forefront.

Online market research

Valido-Research provides you with a wide range of methods a wide range of market research tools such as :
Attitude & Usage fundamental studies,
advertising research,
analysis of potential target group, 
assortment optimization, 
image analysis, 
brand positioning, etc.

Particularly interesting are our innovative methods, we have transferred from the traditional market research in online research. These include, inter alia, eye-movement analysis, virtual shelf tests, online focus groups, the optimization of the navigation structure of online stores and more.

As a link between companies, research institutes, media agencies and their target groups, we create with our products and services the precondition for rapid access to differentiated customer opinions.

We provide our customers with carefully selected participants as feedback providers for online surveys available and assist them in the planning and execution of online survey projects.

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