Mobile and online development

Project Outsourcing & Subcontracting of programming services with price guarantee.

In addition to handling their own portals, such as jomondo, and the further development of Schindlerhof solutions that use well-known international publishers, portals and agencies, Valido primarily outsources its mobile and online solutions as well as it's mobile and online development, therefor has an exceptional price guarantee. Our specialty is achieving and surpassing your expectations at a reasonable price.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Project outsourcing
  • Cheap supply prices
  • Cost transparency
  • Strengthening your skills

Valido has its own development team / office in Nuremberg, Germany and in Cluj-Napoca & Satu Mare, Romania so that we can offer cost-effective services (design, 3D visualization, programming and app development) via Nearshoring many solutions.

Your contact person or project management is done through our office in Schindlerhof, Nuremberg , Germany.

Team skills:

Programming: MVC, OOP, jQuery, Dojo, MooTools, Prototype, Ajax, Javascript, HTML 4 & 5, CSS, PHP 5, Scriptaculous, ORM, Doctrine, XML, YML 

Versioning: Subversion, CVS

Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, MSSQL

Open Source: Typo3, xtCommerce, symfony, LARAVEL

Templating: Smarty, TemplaVoila

App Development: C #, MvvmCross, Xamarin, Android UI, IOS UI

3D visualization: 3ds Max, Maya

Programs: Photoshop, Aptana, InDesign, ORM Designer