Staff management & assessment

Many companies across all industries use our holistic management, communication toolbox and other solutions in the mobile corporate and staff communication.

Mobile- and Online-solutions

MAX Toolbox

Instead of having a yearly or half yearly employee assessment, our software and inclusive App allows you to monitor your employee’s feedback monthly and build a graph on the strengths or weaknesses of the staff member. The staff member fills out a questionnaire every month which can then be accessed by the manager. You can see what the staff member thinks of their contribution to the workplace and provide your feedback online which will be received by the employee. This is on a scale basis which changes regarding to the questions asked. The end result is then used to give an overview of how the staff member compares to every other staff member.
Basically this is an Intranet that can be utilized to monitor the staff morale and help staff partake in creating ideas to help the business increase profitability. The staff then have an active role in the business and feel appreciated which is a huge bonus towards creating a fantastic work atmosphere. This product also helps the management see where more work is required and helps prevent any problems arising.
The idea of ​​a holistic management and communication toolbox was created in 2002 at Schindlerhof. This was achieved by using a MAX-employee stock index as a tool for optimal team development for the first time. It is constantly evolving and is now modular across all industries with over 300 companies in eight countries.
MAX-Toolbox gives you and your staff the opportunity to communicate through the digital performance appraisal feature (Staff Stock Index), Morale barometer, Idea management and e-learning as well as your corporate communications of your website, via Corporate App, Shop, CRM to social media with a cockpit / CMS completely "at a glance" online and from your mobile. In addition, the modules of the MAX-Toolbox are optional and interactive linked.

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Mobile and online development

In addition to the Schindlerhof using our product, well-known international publishers, portals, agencies and partners are among our massive list of clients. Valido is primarily for project outsourcing of defined mobile and online solutions as well as being pure supplier of capacity in mobile and online development with an outstanding price guarantee.
Valido has its own development team and office in Nuremberg (Schindlerhof), Germany and in Cluj-Napoca & Satu Mare (Romania). Your first and only point of contact respectively is through our office in Schindlerhof.

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Online market research

Valido-Research, a division of the Valido GmbH, operates in accordance with the ICC / ESOMAR guidelines and has a full-service market research institute with over 500,000 panelists in Germany making it one of the largest German online panels in Europe.
The quality of the sample can be better controlled online and maintained by precise field control than in the traditional market research.
Valido-Research offers the full range of market research tools and is therefore your full-service provider in the field of online market research.

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