Our Partners in Schindlerhof

Together with the management team of Kobjoll Group, we develop new solutions in the field of mobile and employee communications


Together with the leading conference hotel in Germany & European Excellence Award-Winner (EFQM) we are developing new mobile and online tools, which are marketed across industries with a tried and tested practical knowledge.


Convince yourself of the many opportunities that the holistic management and communication toolbox Schindlerhof (Germany's best employers across all industries in 2013 to 500 employees and thanks to MAX Special Award Winner "knowledge & skills") offers you for your business

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Glow & Tingle

Klaus Kobjoll believes companies are playgrounds for adults. In his lectures this passionate entrepreneur shows his work means to success. In addition to the employee stock index (MAX), we have developed the MAX-Toolbox and elicit the Schindlerhof as well as for our customers continuously develop new solutions. Thus, relevant tools are already in planning or Schindlerhof in the practice test.

The MAX-Toolbox since 2002 now stands at Schindlerhof & at 300 companies in eight countries successfully in place.

In addition, our know-how transfer takes place regularly in lectures and seminars, such as “Wahre Herzlichkeit”. This is a seminar on how to be genuinely concerned for achieving the best results for your clients. It is a break down on how to be genuine.
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