Employee-App & Mobile Intranet

GREAT PLACE TO WORK – Limited offer special price for "knowledge & skills" for Schindlerhof Staff-App.

Employee-App (IOS, Android and Web) & Mobile Intranet

Web 3.0 made easy - mobile communication with employees. Paperless, always current and available everywhere - this is now possible.

Whether at work or at home, with Internet availability our App is available when you have the time to access it. 

We want to move with the times and further more, we want to be a pioneer in the contemporary communication with employees and provide you with the benefits.

Bulletin boards are not necessarily state of the art, when it comes to communication with employees. We have a new revolutionary technology that will change your workplace for the better.

We can map the entire internal communication on PC / Tablet  and Smartphone - naturally divided into separate departments, service areas or management levels.

Our Staff-App for iPhone, iPad, Android & Web includes:

  • Log-in (Mobile & Web)
  • Divisions / profit centers / departments 
  • Management / Rosters / SOP´s / Balanced Scorecard
  • Blackboard / Idea sheet / Weekly & Holiday planning
  • Training courses / Programs
  • Mission / Target Plan for the year / actual numbers and or information relating to the bussiness
  • Employees Recruit Employees
  • Videos
  • Push messages (eg sending rosters to selected employees)
  • Chat function analogous WhatsApp (eg roster change or short-term solution within the closed group at failure of an employee)
  • Statistics (eg read receipt for sent rosters / Employee commitment)
  • Cockpit / CMS to independently control app (online and mobile)
  • Providing Hybrid-App by the look and feel of your company (CI / colors / images)
  • Ability to run on iPhone & Android, iPad
  • Online-Support, Hosting & System-Updates.


We have customized solutions for you!

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